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The Survivalist is a Specialization that appears in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. When Agents have this specialization equipped, they have access to the Crossbow Signature Weapon, Incendiary Grenades, and the Mender Seeker Mine. They can upgrade their abilities and gain new abilities through their perk tree.

Unique Abilities

Signature Weapon

The Signature Weapon for the Survivalist is the Crossbow. This Crossbow comes with bolts that have an explosive payload attached to them. When fired, the bolts can stick to a target and will explode after a short time has passed. This will deal explosive damage to the target and other enemies nearby. Like the other Signature Weapons, ammunition for this crossbow is rare, and thus should be used wisely.

Mender Seeker Mine

The Survivalist's unique skill is the Mender Seeker Mine. This variant of the Seeker Mine will heal friendlies instead of damaging foes. Once deployed, it will follow around the player who deployed it and heal them. It can also be assigned to follow another player or friendly entities. The Mender Seeker Mine is easily distinguished from its deadly counterparts as it has a green glow to it that is easily visible.

Incendiary Grenade

The Survivalist also comes with the Incendiary Grenade. This grenade has a wider radius than the concussive grenade, but doesn't do immediate damage. Instead, anyone caught in the radius of the grenade is set on fire, slowly chipping away at their health, at the same time leaving them vulnerable as they try to pat the flames out.

Perk Tree

The Survivalist comes with a unique perk tree that allows for upgrading the Division Agent's abilities


Premium Content

For players with the Year One Season Pass, they will unlock the Survivalist Outfit. This is a purely cosmetic outfit that makes the player look like a well... survivalist.

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