Tanisha Carter is a missing Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) agent activated as part of the First Wave to take back New York.

Psychological Profile:
  • Level-headed and cool in crisis. Superb at complex problem solving.
  • Excellent at solving complex problems. Inspires fierce loyalty in coworkers, not to mention occasional jealousy.
  • Studied ATC at Fort Rucker, then served at Al-Udeid & Ashgabat. Received highest ratings at every posting.
  • Displays a cool head in a crisis. Brought all planes in safely when tower went dead at Ashgabat.
  • Has now worked at all three major airports in the New York metropolitan area. Finds the work "soothing" compared to her time overseas and has publicly commented about potentially returning to service.
  • Lacks a certain amount of empathy & cannot understand why not all of her peers can reach her (superior) level of performance. Not arrogant, just genuinely doesn't understand.


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