Tegan Silver, call-sign “Luna,” was one of four lieutenants of Carter "Hornet" Leroux in the Keener's Legacy season.


Tegan Silver has extensive experience working as a contractor in the security industry. She was working for the State Department in Washington, D.C. when she was activated, and closely followed internal operations. Silver disagreed with JTF's withdrawal from the Dark Zone and lost faith in her ability to control the situation when Keener turned rogue. Silver was tasked with tracking him down and rebuilding his encrypted ECHOs. After establishing a connection to the rogue network, she spent her time listening to hostile communications and slowly bought Keener's vision for the future. She is responsible for leaking details about The Division's attempt to secure Tchernenko at the Russian Consulate.


When President Ellis ordered a full retreat on the Midtown Manhattan Dark Zone, Silver was unsatisfied with this action of abandoning Division agents in the zone to die.

Sometime after, Division agent Alani Kelso asked Silver to reconstruct rogue division agent Aaron Keener's encrypted ECHOs. Kelso sent Silver the data that was sent by division agent Faye Lau in New York. Silver eventually cracked the ECHOs, and became a true believer of Keener's cause. Silver cracked Keener's rogue frequency and talked to him, telling him that she would like to be the "inside man" for him in The Division, as The Division still thinks she is one of them.

Not long after, The Division led an operation in the Russian Consulate in New York City. Silver reported The Division incursion to Keener, which then told Leroux of The Division's arrival and told Silver to get to one of his safe houses as Silver's agent status is now rogue.

After Silver gone rogue, Keener assigned her to the position of surveillance. When Keener sought out one of the rogue agents, Elija Le, he introduced him to Silver. Silver then greeted him, addressing him as "Huntsman", as it was the call-sign Keener came up for Elija in the event that he joins.

After Keener's death, Leroux attempted to fulfill his legacy by recruiting Outcasts in Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, Leroux sent some Outcasts reinforcements to Silver in New York City. A Division agent tracked down Silver by eliminating her Outcasts reinforcements in the city and eliminating her.


Luna is a Rogue Agent armed with a Paratrooper SVD, Tactical UMP-45, Defender Drones, Striker Drones and Eclipse Virus Grenades.


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