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They say I never know when to shut the hell up, but that's just the spice talking.
- Dime.

The Chatterbox is an Exotic P90 Submachine Gun in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

The Chatterbox comes equipped with a haphazardly-applied green paintjob, an EOTech 553 holographic sight (that is no longer usable due to the view supposedly resembling a kaleidoscope), sound suppressor, a custom side clamp for an extra magazine, and through the power of either skill or idiocy, the Hyenas managed to expand the magazine to 60 rounds. The gun has a unique talent where its RoF is increased, in relation to how many enemies are nearby when the shooter reloads. Unlike the base model, the Chatterbox is based on the P90 Triple Rail variant.


The Chatterbox is a Submachine Gun painted in grey and green, the colors of the Hyenas. The filter canister below is filled with "Spice", a special type of narcotic substance created by the Hyenas, which constantly emits vapors. The gun has a long suppressor over the muzzle.


Talent - Incessant Chatter
  • When you reload, rate of fire is increased by 20% for each enemy within 15m for the duration of that entire magazine.
  • Max stacks: 5
  • Kills refill 50% of your magazine.

Crafting The Chatterbox

Three parts are required before obtaining the blueprint. Each part can be found in Hyena's faction chests unlocked with Hyena faction keys. Each part is found in a different part of D.C. and can only be found in that area.

Weapon part Zone Tips
Loaded Canister Downtown East/MLK Memorial Library There are 2 Hyena Crates in Grand Washington Hotel -- 1st in the small bathroom after clearing the lobby and 2nd is on the right side upon entering the rooftop.

There is 1 Hyena Crate in MLK Memorial Library under the stairs.

Creative Mag Federal Triangle There is 1 Hyena Crate in Jefferson Trade Center in the loading dock at the end of the garage.
Modified Mods Judiciary Square/District Union Arena There is no guaranteed drop location known, but there are a couple of Hyena crates in the District Union Arena
Chatterbox Blueprint Bank Headquarters mission This is during the Bank Headquarters mission. As long as you have the 3 things mentioned above, the blueprint is a guaranteed drop.

You have to open a panel to get a RFID keycard in the old CEO's office after killing Rebound to be able to open the grate inside the vault later on.

It can be distinguished by the lighter wood color on the wall.


Make sure to have a high amount of Hyena Keys. They can be found underground in boxes attached to the wall.

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