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The House always wins.
- Description

The House is an Exotic Submachine Gun in Tom Clancy's The Division added in Update 1.8. Its special talent provides bonus damage as long as a player keeps track of their ammo count.


The House is modeled on a real weapon: the SIG Sauer MPX. It otherwise does not resemble any other weapon in the game. It shares the real MPX's dark color scheme and features a collapsible stock and free-floating rail. It is one of the few Exotics a player can change the appearance of by adding a weapons skin.

Handling, Talents and Usage

The House has average damage and handling relative to the rest of the SMG class, though its admirable rate of fire puts it just above the MP5 in output.

As is typical of most Exotic weapons, The House features two random weapon talents and a third, exclusive talent that makes the weapon what it is:

Card Counter.png

Talent | Card Counter
One half of the magazine does 20% increased damage. The half that deals increased damage flips after 10 seconds or when the magazine is empty.

While wielding The House, a buff icon will appear featuring two cards, one layered over the other: a white card and a black card. When the white card is shown in front, that means the first half of the magazine deals the bonus damage; when the black card is in front with the white card in the back, that means the second half of the magazine has the bonus damage. As the talent says, this bonus will immediately swap when either the magazine is emptied or ten seconds have elapsed. Note that flipping the bonus by way of emptied magazine does not influence the timer on the buff, as it will constantly tick down on its own.

The House deals admirable damage as a result, whether a player respects the Card Counter talent or not. By acknowledging it and playing around the bonus damage in the magazine, one can maintain the 20% damage bonus offered as long as they keep track of where they stand in their magazine, how long before the cards flip on their own, and whether they should empty the magazine to flip the cards themselves. The bonus is not as random as it sounds, as all it takes is a little extra management to use it to its full potential. Even if a player ignores Card Counter entirely, they are still gaining an average 10% damage bonus overall, bringing up the baseline damage of 16.6K damage per bullet to around 17.8K.

All in all, The House is a respectable SMG to have, even when treated like any other SMG in the game. But by honoring the Card Counter talent and the engaging playstyle that comes with it, the gun's performance notably improves. As long as one is willing to count cards (bullets), The House will come out on top. It's a really good weapon.

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