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We need you to secure a skyscraper. This may take a while. Hope you cleared your schedule.
- Alani Kelso

The Summit (also known as Skyscraper) is a new PVE game mode that was introduced in Season 3 of Tom Clancy's The Division 2. It is made to be a game mode that contains high replayability for players. All Warlords of New York owners will be able to access this activity for free.


The Summit is a 100-floor skyscraper located in Manhattan. The game mode works by having players clear out each floor, with every 10th floor being a boss level. As the player progresses, the floors get more difficult.

Floor Difficulty

As players climb The Summit, the floors increase in difficulty level. For floors 1 to 10, the difficulty is set to Normal. Floors 11 to 20, the difficulty is set to Hard, Floors 21 to 30 are Challenging. Floors 31 to 50 are Challenging with Directives Enabled. Floors 51 to 60 are Heroic, and Floors 60 to 71 are Heroic with Directives. 71 to 90 are Legendary and 91 to 100 are Legendary with 3 Directives active.

An update has been made for the mode following its release. Players now will get to choose what difficulty and directives they would like to do while ascending the skyscraper. A total of 10 directives and difficulty up to legendary are available for players. Directives can only adjust in the lobby or after the boss floor.


Every faction makes an appearance in The Summit. Each floor will have a randomly selected faction as the main faction players will encounter. Sometimes, players may encounter different factions from both Washington, D.C. and New York City, such as Cleaners, Rikers, True Sons, Black Tusk, Outcasts and Hyenas.

Additionally, players can encounter ambushes from the Underground, the Ambushers and the Raiders. Rogue agents encounters will also take place in The Summit.

At Floor 100, players have to face Hunters in order to finally secure the skyscraper. The number of Hunters and difficulty are based on the group size. Two Hunters will spawn if you entered the floor solo.1 additional hunter will be spawned for every increased player.


Following the health update to the Summit, players can now choose their desired targeted loot in The Summit. It is not group bounded, which make players in a group can have their desired targeted loot set individually. Some rewards in the Summit are Exotics like the Capacitor or Ridgeway's Pride.

Possible Types of Floor Objectives

  • SHD Tech Crate
    • Placeholder
  • Experimental EMP Pulse
    • Placeholder
  • Drone Ambush
    • Placeholder
  • Laptop Terminals
    • Placeholder
  • Hacked Warhounds
    • Placeholder
  • Support Station
    • Placeholder
  • Hacked Turret
    • Placeholder
  • Drone Ambush on Terminals
    • Placeholder
  • Lieutenant Encounter
    • Placeholder



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