The Terminal is a new area added to the Base of Operations in Patch 1.3. It contains 4 areas, one of which, the Tactical Operations Center, requires DLC 1: Underground be installed. The Terminal is a social area, and the player will see and interact with other players, much like any other safehouse.

Area 1: Hub Edit

The hub area of the Terminal is the area where the new Special Blueprints Vendor now sits. The entrance is located next to the Rewards Claim Vendor located in the back of the ground floor of the Base. Alternatively, the player can also fast travel to the area.

Area 2: Tac-Op Center Edit

The Tactical Operation Center (Tac-Op Center) is the second area located in the Terminal. This area contains the new Underground Operations and the Underground Vendor. This area can be accessed by either entering the elevator at the back of the Hub area, or players may fast travel directly to it by selecting the Underground option on the Terminal.

Area 3: Survival launch point Edit

As of update 1.5, the Terminal now has an additional area on the side by the High-Value Target Vendors. This area contains a single room with a door in the back of the small room. It contains the Survival menu, allowing the player to matchmake and create a group, or queue up for a match with their current group. Players must have DLC 2: Survival installed to use the Survival menu.

Area 4: Last Stand launch point Edit

Update 1.6 added a new area to the Terminal; the Last Stand launch point, found near the back of the Terminal, near where the Recalibration bench used to be. This opens the Last Stand menu, allowing players to matchmake, or find a match of Last Stand with the current group.

Area 5: Global Events Edit

Update 1.7 introduced Global Events, which led to the addition of the new area to the left near the blueprint vendor and the Recalibration bench. Upon entering, there is the GE leaderboard and the Global Event Credit Vendor.

Other Notable Points of Interest Edit

In the Terminal, Players can access the Special Equipment Vendor, which sells a rotating stock of Exotic items. In the back of the Terminal, tucked away behind the stairway to the Underground there is a new Vendor, the Premium Vendor. He sells exclusive emotes, gestures and skins, only accepting the new Premium Currency. Between the Special Equipment Vendor and Premium Vendor is the Special Blueprints Vendor, who sells High-End and Named Weapons blueprints. Also to the left of the entrance in between the Recalibration bench and the GE room is the Optimization station. This place also includes a radio for Rick Valassi and his talk show, "Wouldn't You Know It" that includes event interviews.


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