Never trust a man to do a machine’s job.
- Theo Parnell

Theo Parnell is a former First Wave Division Agent part of Aaron Keener's squadron of Rogue Division Agents in Warlords of New York of Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Parnell and his fellow rogue agent James Dragov have been linked to the Rikers since Keener's uprising. Keener even managed to get some Rikers as Parnell's personal bodyguards. He and the Rikers are currently in an unknown location in the Civic Center area.

Profile Edit

Drone engineer and skilled hacker. He managed to stay off the grid for a long time, which makes him a true master of decoy and deception.

Parnell thinks The Division and the system itself is corrupted and needs to be taken down.

Biography Edit

Theo Parnell was the son of senator Henry Parnell and a former Navy RPA pilot and mechanical engineer who was recruited by The Division for his technical expertise and innovative problem-solving. His psychological evaluation suggests that he shows extensive, analytical thinking, but he is reserved in trusting authority. Recent investigations in Parnell's past that he has a prior connection to Keener, and this relationship may have factored into Parnell going rogue.

 Events prior Tom Clancy's The Division 2's Warlords of New York Edit

When Parnell was in school, he posted hacking videos online which caused accusations filed from his professor. Since Parnell is a son of a senator, he was put into spotlight and caused reporters to investigate the matter by interviewing his father, Henry Parnell on his son's actions. Parnell's father defended his son's action and told the reporters that he is a good kid. 

Parnell was activated as the first wave Division agent to hold the quarantine zone. After it all failed and his father died of mysterious reason, Parnell grew suspicious about the government. Aaron Keener, the infamous rogue Division agent, took advantage of that. The two met on the arch in Lower Manhattan. 

Parnell pointed his gun towards Keener after seeing that he is rogue. Keener knew that Parnell looks up to him, using a friendly approach, told Parnell to call him "Aaron" or "Keener" as he is not his superior, then to raise his suspicions towards the system and The Division, telling him The Division is corrupt. Parnell, persuaded, joined Keener as his tech specialist, and invented different things for Keener to use, like more lethal version of SHD techs, the rogue network and a Ground to Air missile launcher with warheads containing Tchernenko's new virus. 

Keener knew that Parnell was invaluable to his plan, so he arranged protection for Parnell through James Dragov, a rogue Division agent and the leader of the Rikers. 

 Tom Clancy's The Division 2's Warlords of New York Edit

Parnell was called upon by Keener to assault the JTF Base of Operations in Lower Manhattan (New York City Hall). Parnell along with his fellow rogue Division agents who worked with Keener, Vivian Conley, James Dragov and Javier Kajika, attacked the JTF forces inside the complex and set up the virus spreading devices. 

A Division agent from Washington, D.C. then found the footage inside the City Hall and identified Parnell and his fellow rogue agents as the perpetrators of the attack, which led to The Division to launch a manhunt to Keener and his lieutenants. Due to tactical data were incomplete and the rogue agents being very elusive, the agent from D.C. then tracked Parnell in Civic Center through intel from the Peacekeepers, which pointed the agent to the abandoned containment center. Parnell then foiled the agent into going into the canteen by telling the agent he was actually undermining Keener's operations while pretending to be working with him.  

The agent, suspicious of this, but still went to the canteen and was ambushed by the Rikers. After the agent eliminated them, Parnell used his striker drones and holograms to stall the agent while the Rikers went to eliminate the agent. The agent however pushed through to the courthouse. Parnell, scared, called his bodyguard, Rikers member "Judge", to intervene and kill the agent. The agent then killed him, and Parnell was even more frightened as he was running into a dead-end at the old Dark Zone walls. 

Parnell then called Keener to send a helicopter to extract him. However, Keener, most likely done with Parnell, callously refused to and told him to "handle his own mess". Parnell then engaged the agent, while using his holograms and hacked Dark Zone SHD turrets to gain an advantage. The agent saw through his holograms and killed Parnell and all the Rikers protecting him. The agent then picked up and gave his smartwatch to Faye Lau on the investigation on the whereabouts on Keener. 

Abilities Edit

Skilled hacker and Engineer. He is responsible for the development of the Rogue Network under orders from Aaron Keener.

Parnell is armed with a customized SOCOM Mk20 SSR and a handgun, for close range. He has managed to create a new skill: the Hologram Decoy.

Trivia Edit

  • Theo's look is a nod to Dedsec Hacker Marcus Holloway from Watch_Dogs 2.
    • When Theo unlocked and destroyed his teacher's car with his phone, this is a clear nod to another Ubisoft title named Watch_Dogs 2 where you can control and unlock cars that don't belong to you.


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