The antivirals that President Ellis gave to the Black Tusk has been located in their stronghold, Tidal Basin. Using a backdoor entrance, storm the heavily fortified Black Tusk base, recover the antivirals and remove the final Black Tusk foothold on the city once and for all.

As the very last and hardest Stronghold that the player can unlock, Tidal Basin has the highest level requirement of World Tier 4 and is the final activity to unlock the last World Tier of 5.


Acquire the Antiviral

  • Infiltrate the Black Tusk base.
  • Advance into the base.
  • Secure the area.
  • Circumvent the turret defenses.
  • Find a way into the base.
  • Secure the area.
  • Reach the comms area.
  • Secure the comms area.
  • Disable the turret.
  • Intercept Black Tusk comms.
  • Find the heliport.
  • Destroy the helicopters 0/3.
  • Secure the heliport.
  • Reach the main gate area.
  • Disable the defenses 0/3.
  • Disable outer defenses.
  • Defend support team leader.
  • Secure the area.
  • Intercept the antiviral.
  • Secure the antiviral cylinder.
  • Secure area.
  • Signal location of the antiviral cylinder.
  • Intercept the second antiviral cylinder.
  • Secure the second antiviral cylinder.
  • Infiltrate the hovercraft.
  • Secure the hovercraft.
  • Reach the upper deck.
  • Confront Wyvern.

Save the White House

  • Prevent the launch (2 Minutes 28 Seconds).
  • Destroy generators 0/3.
  • Secure the launch site.
  • Disable the rocket launcher (2 Minutes 42 Seconds).
  • Disable the rocket launcher (2 Minutes 42 Seconds).
  • Disable the rocket launcher (2 Minutes 42 Seconds).
  • Neutralize Wyvern.
  • Pick up the antiviral.
  • Signal allies to begin antiviral extraction.


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