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Times Square Power Relay is the second Tech Tech mission in Tom Clancy's The Division.


  • Enter Times Square subway station.
  • Neutralize the Rikers.
  • Turn off the power.
  • Find the CCTV footage.
  • Locate the WarrenGate van.
  • Re-plug the fuse.
  • Defend the area.


Enter the subway tunnel through the ticket gate. You'll come across a few Enforcers and Runners. After dealing with them, head for the transformer through the subway tracks on your left. Interact with the transformer switch to turn the power off.

At this point, Faye Lau will command the mission and ask you to find a CCTV camera footage file before moving on. Exit out the subway tunnel at the end on your right and head back to the surface upstairs. You'll encounter a group of Enforcers on exit, and two more waves will spawn after that; the first wave will be Enforcers and a Hitman, the second one will spawn Enforcers with a veteran included. The security station is just near you after you reenter the surface. Enter the station and interact with the terminal inside to acquire a CCTV footage file.

After you have acquired the CCTV footage Faye will hand the mission back over to Rhodes. Your next objective is to find a fuse box. Head up north the street and you'll encounter a band of Enforcers, Runners, and a Slinger. On the left side of the sidewalks will be a WarrenGate van with a fuse. Pick it up and continue heading north. On your way you'll encounter Enforcers and a Slinger at first. Heading up the crossroad ahead, Enforcers with a veteran among them will spawn. Then once you approach the fuse box on the right side of the street, more Enforcers and a veteran Slinger will spawn north ahead.

After you plug in the fuse, your objective is to defend the area. It will spawn in four waves: The first wave will come out of an Electronics shop, spawning Enforcers and Runners. The second wave will come out of a small shop east of the crossroads, spawning Enforcers and a Hitman. The third wave will spawn Enforcers out of the same Electronics shop. The fourth and final wave will spawn Enforcers, Slingers, a Hitman, and an elite Hitman named Slingshot. Be sure to avoid any flanking enemies by prioritizing any Rikers moving in and/or close to your proximity.


  • There is a Standard Weapon Equipment Box at the dead end tunnel on the right after walking down the entrance stairs.
  • Before going out the subway through the other side, on the other side of the subway sidewalk is an optional medic bag that you can loot for a Medkit.
  • The Security station has a lootable medic bag for a Medkit.
  • There's a grenade case behind a small building just outside the police station.
  • A grenade case near a CERA rail fence in the middle of the road.


  • Tech 500 Tech Wing Supplies
  • Exp 54,400
  • Standard Weapon
  • Rikers CCTV Footage


  • In group play, almost every wave spawn will have Slingers included.
  • Use caution: The mission location is very open and your team can be prone to Enforcer flanking maneuvers if awareness of surroundings is ignored.
  • There's a possibility that enemies will never move up from behind the platform located a tad north of the statue. The northeast bottom area of the platform can be used as a lookout spot to take down flanking Enforcers without drawing much attention to themselves in the crossfire.
  • Enforcers will frequently make opportunities to flank your team. Prioritize any nearby Enforcers in your close proximity. Be sure to keep an eye on your radar to see if they will come up on your 9, 3, or 6 o' clock.
  • Runners are the more dangerous melee enemies than Rioter Bruisers and Cleaner Shields, because they will prioritize rushing your position and flanking your sides at the same time. Make sure your team takes them down first.
  • Slingers, unlike other grenadiers, will throw Fragmentation Grenades. If their grenades ends up being in front your cover, stay in cover to completely avoid damage.
    • Primed frag grenades can be distinguished with a circle blip and will trace a red line towards your character once they touch ground. If you see it, evade the area. If you do not, you're safe as long as you're still in cover.


  • This is the first mission involving Rikers as enemies.
  • This is the only mission where it takes place on an open world area instead of a secluded dungeon.


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