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A must-have for fans of intrigue and tales of survival, this comic series is the perfect introduction to the post-pandemic world of Tom Clancy's The Division 2, the sequel to Ubisoft's record-breaking video game Tom Clancy's The Division.
- Dark Horse Comics and Ubisoft Expand The Division's Lore description.

#1: Months after a bioweapon attack devastated New York City, the Division agents are the last hope of a United States struggling to hold itself together. During a mission gone horribly wrong, Division Agent Caleb Dunne's partner is gruesomely killed and Dunne vows to track down the mysterious woman responsible. As he gathers clues to her whereabouts, he uncovers a grave threat to a nation already on the brink of total collapse.

#2: Weeks into his pursuit of Mantis--the woman who murdered his partner--Division agent Caleb Dunne arrives in Philadelphia. Teaming up with fellow agent Heather Ward, he gathers clues to Mantis whereabouts, running afoul of an aggressive militia called the Founders.

#3: Division agents Caleb Dunne and Heather Ward have hunted the woman known as Mantis all the way from New York to Maryland. Enlisting the help of agent Brian Johnson, they take the fight to her but find themselves at the heart of a much larger scheme than they had anticipated. One that leads them toward Washington, D.C.


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