There is no room for weakness. Cowards die on their knees. It's gonna be great.
- Antwon Ridgeway (leader of the True Sons)

The True Sons are a major enemy faction in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Having some resemblance to the New York faction, the LMB (Last Man Battalion), in regards of military training and firepower, they are the second most organised, disciplined and advanced enemy faction, right below the Black Tusk.

The True Sons are former members of the Washington D.C. Joint Task Force who alongside with their founder and leader; Colonel Antwon Ridgeway, betrayed the nation during the city's collapse into chaos from the "Dollar Flu" outbreak.

The formation of the True Sons and their actions in the city have been the major cause of the creation of the Outcast and Hyena factions.

After suffering from multiple defeats across Washington D.C., they retreated back to their final stronghold in the Capitol Building, where Division agents with the assistance of the remaining JTF and Civilian Militia assaulted the facility. After sweeping through the complex, True Sons General and Leader, Antwon Ridgeway, made his own appearance, giving one final attempt to thwart the assault.

With the death of Ridgeway and the remaining True Sons garrison at The Capitol destroyed, the True Sons have since been scattered across D.C, attempting to survive against The Division and now the new enemy, the Black Tusk.


True Sons

A fascist group of paramilitary warlords bent on using their combat expertise and overwhelming firepower to dominate their enemies and expand their territory. Smart and organized, the True Sons are led by a former JTF officer whose ruthlessness and combat prowess make him and his combatants a horrifying force.

Intelligence Brief

When the pandemic broke out, chaos and panic quickly spread across Washington D.C. In an attempt to control the spreading of the virus, the newly formed JTF established a quarantine on Roosevelt Island. Colonel Antwon Ridgeway formerly of the Maryland National Guard was given the responsibility to enforce the quarantine and ensure that everything ran smoothly. Seeing all the tragedy caused by the virus and how overwhelmed the JTF had become, Ridgeway started to lose faith in his commander's ability to save Washington D.C. He quickly came to the conclusion that there need to be drastic actions taken to ensure their survivial.

As a strong believer in the need for proper authority and discipline, Ridgeway decided to take matters into his own hands. In frustration and fear for the city's future, he ordered his guards around the quarantine to bar the entrances and exits and not let anyone in or out even the medical staff attending to the sick. He started to redirect essential resources from going into the quarantine, letting people starve to death and withholding medicine. In his eyes, the sick and the weak were already dead, so his number one priority became to secure the future of his own men. When confronted by a CERA doctor that she would report Ridgeway's actions to his superiors, he murdered the doctor right in front of terrified civilians. He then ruthlessly ordered his men to put down any resistance from inside the quarantine.

Ridgeway's actions were tainted by his willingness to do whatever it took for the well-being of his soldiers and his repulsion of the sick. Due to the chaotic state of the city, he was able to abuse his authority for a long time before the commander of the JTF found out and dispatched a Division agent to investigate. This led to a confrontation at the CERA Constitution Camp where the SHD Agent witnessed Colonel Ridgeway murder a civilian for breaking quarantine, this led the Agent into shooting one of Ridgeway's unit and place Ridgeway under arrest on 55 counts of murder. He was then court martialed along with several officers of his unit and found guilty on all counts and imprisoned in a military stockade. However, it did not take long until loyal members of Ridgeway's unit seeing the JTF's actions as a betrayal, broke into the stockade and freed him.

In Ridgeway's eyes, he had done nothing wrong. According to him, he was the only one with a realistic and viable solution to the situation. Therefore, the betrayal of his fellow JTF officers and imprisonment filled him with rage and hate towards the JTF and the federal government. As soon as he got out, he gathered men from his former unit and the stockade where he was held prisoner. Together they captured the JTF officers that had imprisoned him and held a symbolic tribunal for them, only to execute them all moments later – and so True Sons were born.

During Ridgeway's imprisonment, the now deeply fractured and desperate JTF lose contact of the Rossevelt Island Quarantine as it is overrun by the newly formed Outcasts, who have a deep hatred for Ridgeway and the True Sons due to their treatment by them.

After Washington begins to collapse from the uncontrollable pandemic and subsequent disasters with DC-62, President Mendez orders the remaining government members including Speaker of the House, Andrew Ellis to evacuate the city, Ridgeway takes advantage of the chaos and storms The Capitol and devastates the remaining loyal JTF except for those at based at The White House.

When the True Sons have full control of southern part of the city, the criminal gangs that are running riot further to the north decide to unite to defend their territory from the True Sons, they become known as the Hyenas.

Relationship with other factions

Being comprised of former JTF members and possessing military grade technology, training, and discipline the True Sons are seen by the other factions as the most dominant faction within D.C. and thus the biggest threat. The Outcasts despise them for Ridgeways's quarantine and treatment of them and the Hyenas unified because of their war against the True Sons. An echo around the Campus settlement territory shows that the Hyenas and Outcasts are willing to cooperate with each other to take out a squad of True Sons guarding a building.

The True Sons are actively at war with the Hyenas and appear to be on the offensive against them. Some soldiers generally see the Hyenas as rats as one can be heard saying "Hey Hyena, crawl back to your hole" when engage in combat against them.

The True Sons are hostile but not actively at war with the Outcasts, and vice versa. An audio recording revealed that when the Outcasts overthrew and took over the Roosevelt island quarantine center the JTF (before they became True Sons) decided to monitor them rather than send more men to try and neutralize them. It's possible that the True Sons are still monitoring their movements and actions as they are tied up in a war against the Hyenas and don't see the Outcasts as a threat to their supremacy.

Following the death of their leader and the invasion of the Black Tusk, the True Sons are now at war with every faction and are vying for control of positions within D.C.

Weapons Used

Known True Sons Squads

  • Wilson's Company
  • Monroe's Corps
  • Monroe's Battalion
  • Monroe's Platoon
  • Pierce's Company
  • Lincoln’s Corps
  • Lincoln’s Battalion
  • Lincoln’s Company
  • Coolidge's Company
  • Van Bauen's Corps
  • Van Bauen's Batalion
  • Van Bauen's Company
  • Jackson's Company
  • Filmore's Company
  • Jefferson's Company
  • Jefferson's Platoon
  • Hoover's Company
  • Tyler's Battalion
  • Tyler's Company
  • Hayes's Battalion
  • Hayes's Corps
  • Grant's Battalion
  • Grant's Company
  • Washington's Corps
  • Washington's Battalion
  • Washington's Company
  • Taft's Corps
  • Taft's Battalion
  • Willson's Corps
  • Johnson's Corps
  • Johnson's Company
  • Arthur's Corps
  • Ford's Corps
  • Cleveland's Company
  • Cleveland's Battalion
  • McKinley's Battalion
  • McKinley's Company
  • McKinley’s Platoon
  • Truman's Battalion
  • Polk's Corps
  • Polk's Company
  • Taylor's Corps
  • Taylor's Battalion
  • Taylor's Platoon
  • Adam's Corps
  • Adam's Company
  • Adam's Platoon
  • Harding's Battalion
  • Garfield's Corps
  • Harrison's Corps
  • Harrison's Battalion
  • Harrison's Company
  • Kennedy's Battalion
  • Roosevelt's Corps
  • Filmore’s Platoon

Named Members



  • Private Jeremiah Ramos - Medic
  • Private Ross Richards
  • Private Trevor Hanson - Engineer
  • Private Dahmer
  • Private Chuplinsky
  • Private Shah
  • Private Bela
  • Private Young
  • Private Jeffers
  • Private Ershov
  • Private Dunkirk
  • P.F.C. Bijeh
  • P.F.C. Fritz
  • P.F.C. Donato
  • P.F.C. Tan
  • P.F.C. Hansen
  • P.F.C. Yong
  • P.F.C. Fourniret
  • P.F.C. Yates
  • P.F.C. Ripper
  • P.F.C. Paulin
  • P.F.C. Popov
  • P.F.C. Maketta
  • Corporal Hatcher
  • Corporal Kumar
  • Corporal Dodd
  • Corporal Cane
  • Corporal Novak
  • Corporal Samsanova
  • Corporal Mullin
  • Corporal Kaspar
  • Corporal Nova
  • Corporal Stanley
  • Corporal Tyrell
  • Corporal Mullin
  • Corporal Kaspar
  • Corporal Jackson
  • Corporal Cane
  • Corporal Tran
  • Corporal Vega
  • Corporal Souza
  • Corporal Sutcliffe
  • Corporal Watts - Thrower
  • Corporal Bird
  • Corporal Johns
  • Corporal Radcliffe
  • Corporal Randy - Assault
  • Corporal Suza
  • Corporal Hanaei
  • Corporal Gaspar
  • Corporal Soto
  • Corporal Receda
  • Corporal Rodriguez
  • Corporal Li
  • Corporal Kroll
  • Corporal Cain - Assault
  • Corporal Turner
  • Corporal Kaspar
  • Corporal Micheals
  • Corporal Waits - Engineer
  • Corporal Corluka
  • Corporal Ramirez
  • Corporal Cleveland
  • Corporal Gaspar
  • Corporal Antonin
  • Corporal Tang - Immobilizer
  • Corporal Andrade - Medic
  • Corporal Lucas - RPG
  • Corporal Michaels
  • Specialist Neville
  • Specialist Harrington
  • Sergeant Edwards
  • Sergeant Hastings
  • Sergeant Bullworth
  • Sergeant Noth
  • Sergeant Mesa
  • Sergeant Imagawa
  • Sergeant Tabuchi
  • Sergeant Vaughn - Engineer
  • Sergeant Doss
  • Sergeant Richards - RPG
  • Sergeant Colak
  • Sergeant Anthony
  • Sergeant Carole
  • Sergeant Anthony
  • Sergeant Sowell
  • Sergeant Churchill
  • Sergeant Sanders
  • Sergeant Colak
  • Sergeant Eduardo
  • Sergeant Hill
  • Sergeant Li - Medic
  • Sergeant Doss - Sniper
  • Sergeant Bourne
  • Staff Sergeant Carl Wade - Heavy Weapons
  • Staff Sergeant Greystoke - Thrower
  • Staff Sergeant Bonville
  • Master Sergeant Steve "Junior" Quiroz - Tank
  • Lieutenant Kelly - Heavy Weapons
  • Lieutenant Schwartz
  • Lieutenant Donne - RPG
  • Lieutenant Bennett
  • Lieutenant "Doc" Simpson - Medic
  • Captain Kendra Nelson - RPG
  • Captain Briggs - Sniper
  • Captain Wilson - Immobilizer
  • Captain Matthews
  • Major Ashford - Tank
  • Major Coppini - Tank
  • Major Keates - Tank
  • Major Wyatt


  • Assault - This is the most basic type of True Sons soldier and because of this, they have no unique ability of their own. The Assault archetype will take cover when possible, but will attempt to flank an enemy if they stay in one spot for too long. They have average amounts of armor and health, but in larger numbers are deadly. Normal Assaults carry Police M4s while the Veteran and Elite types will carry Custom P416 G3s. The Elite variants will also toss flashbang grenades to try and blind agents before moving in for the kill.
  • Sniper - The True Sons Sniper archetype is equipped with a marksman rifle. They tend to stay back behind cover and (if possible) at a higher elevation than their target. They will fire at any exposed enemy. The Elite versions may carry special ammo (Shock, Bleeding, etc.) Like the Heavy Weapons, they have the ability to go prone to reduce their hitbox. Elite snipers will also fire more frequently, which can make fighting them difficult without cover.
  • Thrower - A True Sons Thrower is similar to the Assault unit, but has the advantage of grenades. The Thrower will throw grenades to its target's last known location. These grenades are usually concussion grenades for Normal and Veteran variants. However, the Elite versions often throw incendiary grenades that deal damage over an area over time. They all have a grenade pouch that, when shot, will explode and deal damage to all units in the area. The Normal variant will carry MP5A2s while the Veteran and Elite variant will carry the Tactical AUG A3P.
  • Medic - The Medic archetype is unique with its ability to revive fallen enemies with their entire health back. The Medic can also attack the player with their defibrillators, shocking them momentarily. These defibrillators can also be found on their backpack, which if shot will shock the Medic and any nearby units along with disabling their ability to revive. Elite Medic will toss shock grenades, revive fallen enemies faster, and provide the revived target a health boost along with some armor should they revive a Veteran, Elite, or Named enemy. The Normal Medics carry a M1911, but the Veteran and Elite variants carry MP5-Ns.
  • Immobilizer - The Immobilizer acts similar to the Rusher archetype in the way that the run towards a Division Agent and try to flank them. While they are doing this, they will start spraying a foam that immobilizes the agent and forces them out of cover. They have a canister on their back that when shot will explode and immobilize the unit and anything around it. This also disables the Immobilizer's ability to use the foam. It must be noted that the Elite variant cannot be immobilized by their own foam if their tank is shot, unlike the Normal and Veterans types, but they will take time to stop the leak.
  • Tank - Enemies padded in heavy armor that attack the agents with a grenade launcher. It should be noted that the True Sons Tanker have considerably more armor than the tankers from the Hyenas and the Outcasts, but not as much armor as the Black Tusk Tanker. They are very good with range games thanks to their weaponry, but are not afraid of disposing of any reckless Division agents with one hit if they are close. Heavy Tanks are strictly elite enemies. SHD Agents can slam the ammo box on their back to force the True Sons Tanker to use a shotgun (they're still dangerous as Shotguns can do raw ballistic damage up close) but this can only be done if they're reloading their grenade launcher (provided that a SHD agent can get a good angle) or if the civilian militia in sandbox mode are fighting one.
  • Rusher - The True Sons Scout is far more disciplined in combat as opposed to the Hyena Rusher (who attacks with a baton at close-range) and the Outcast Rusher (who utilizes the "Kamikaze" suicide bombing method). They use a shotgun for close-range combat. While they may not have as much life as a True Sons Assault Trooper, they can be potentially deadly since their shotguns can cause heavy damage in close range.
  • RPG - Long-Range combatants who use a Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher. Armed with a Carl Gustav, they deal a good deal of damage if they are able to score a hit. The missiles lock on the agent, so it's imperative to take the necessary steps to avoid getting hit. The RPG Shooter also carries extra missiles on their back that when shot will explode, deal damage, and disable the Shooter's ability to use RPGs.
  • Heavy Weapons - Moderately armor padded, a True Sons Heavy Weapons soldier utilizes a light machine gun with ease. The Heavy Weapons soldier will fire from cover, or from a prone position should there be no nearby cover, and will lay suppressive fire. They are surprisingly accurate, so be careful even at a distance. A ballistic helmet provides them with good protection until it's destroyed. Their weakpoint is an ammo pack located on their back waist just like the Outcast Heavy Weapons, which when destroyed will cause them to panic and take damage over time. Should they survive their ammo pack being destroyed, they will be only able to use a pistol making them much easier to deal with.
  • Engineer - The Engineer has the ability to set up a turret that will automatically shoot at enemies. The turret, unlike the Hyena Engineer's sniper turret, functions similarly to the assault turret and will lay down constant fire on any enemies in it's sight. The turret can be temporarily disabled by shooting the ammo box situated on the left side. The Engineer will repair the turret should this occur or if it takes sufficient damage. Elite Engineers are no different from their Veteran counterparts aside from increased health and armor, however their turrets will apply a bleed effect should they hit a player. The Engineer can be prevented from deploying his turret in the first place by shooting it on his backpack. Be advised that if the Engineer is killed before his turret, the turret will fire on any target including other True Sons as long as the ammo box wasn't destroyed.



Bullshit. You were spying on us.
- A True Sons member accuses a civilian of spying on them.

Come on! Take those assholes down!
- A True Sons member ordering other members to kill the Division agents they're facing.

Come in, dammit! I need some backup! Now!
- A True Sons member requesting reinforcements.

Over there!
- A True Sons member spots a Division agent or civilian.

Finish off that agent.
- A True Sons member notifying other members to attack on his/her position.

Get some body bags ready.
- True Sons member engaging in combat.

Gotta re-position!
- When a True Sons member is changing cover.

Coming for you agent!
- A True Sons member in battle with a Division agent.

Engaging from the flank!
- True Sons enemies are engaging an enemy's flanking position.

It's the Division!
- True Sons member spotting Division agents.

Someone's down!
- True Sons have suffered a casualty in battle.

Asshole! You just killed a True Son!
- True Sons have suffered a casualty in battle.

- True Sons have suffered a casualty in battle.

Fuck you, Division!
- A True Sons faction member expressing their frustration whilst in battle with Division agents.

Fuck the Division!
- True Sons member cussing out at Division agents.

Damn, i'm a target now
- A Division agents kills one member of the True Sons and there is only one left standing.

Just you and me asshole!
- Only one True Sons member remains versus a Division agent.

Flanking them!
- True Sons attempting to flank.

Not so Special now. Mr. Special Forces!
- True Sons attacking the Black Tusk

-"Throw the Division out of DC"-Engaging the agent.

-"The agents healing"-When using med kit or drone.


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