"Deploys a stationary turret that attacks nearby hostiles until it is destroyed or its battery runs out."
— Description
Turret icon

The Turret is a TechTech skill appearing in Tom Clancy's The Division. The agent deploys a miniature automated turret mounted on a tripod that, after a short delay, becomes active and lays down bursts of weapons fire at the closest enemy target in view within range. Tapping the skill button once places the turret at the agent's feet, or on a source of cover that they are using, and pressing and holding the skill button lets the agent throw the turret to a desired location. Requirement: Tech Wing Upgrade - Control Room

All mods require Tech Wing Upgrade - Water Purification

Mod 1: Active SensorEdit

Active Sensor
"Increases the turret's damage and pulses attacked targets, making them visible to all allies"
— Description
  • Increased Damage
  • Pulses Enemies

Mod 2: DragonbreathEdit

"The turret has reduced range but shoots a column of fire."
— Description
  • Reduced Range
  • Shoots gouts of fire that burn the enemy
  • Increased cooldown
  • Alternately known as the "flamethrower turret" or "flame turret"

Mod 3: ZapperEdit

"The turret shoots electrical darts that damage and shock multiple targets."
— Description
  • Shoots Taser hooks that shock an enemy
  • Minimal Damage
  • Reduced Range
  • Reduced lifetime
  • Reduced Health
  • Increased cooldown

Master: Scorched EarthEdit

Master Mod
"The turret explodes when manually disabled, damaging all nearby targets."
— Description
  • Explodes in a wide radius when manually deactivated (press the skill key while the skill is active)
  • Explosion deals burst damage to all enemies and the turret's owner if in range (can stagger)

Base Values (Level 30)Edit

Base: Turret Mod: Active Sensor Mod: Dragonbreath Mod: Zapper
Damage 720 HP 851 HP 982 HP 0 HP
Range 25.0 m 25.0 m 12.0 m 16.0 m
Lifetime 45.0 s 45.0 s 45.0 s 25.0 s
Health 77,158 HP 77,158 HP 77,158 HP 6,853 HP
Cooldown 54.0 s 54.0 s 67.50 s 86.40 s

Turret Mods In The Division 2 Edit

  • Assault
    • Similar to the Striker Drone, this skill is designed with offensive players in mind. Equipped with a machine gun turret with 360-degree rotational capabilities, this skill attacks the closest target while you are in combat. Outside of combat, you designate your turret's targets.
  • Incinerator (similar to the Dragonbreath mod)
    • If you enjoy crowd control, this skill is for you! Equipped with an incendiary tank, the Incinerator ignites fuel and fires it in a cone to deal area-of-effect damage. This turret can be toggled on and off when deployed.
  • Artillery
    • The Artillery is a specialized deployable that launches exploding ordinances at locations of your choice. Firing once per press, shells are launched in an arc at a target position. This is the Specialist skill for the Demolitionist.
  • Sniper
    • This long range, semi-automatic turret targets the same enemy you are engaging. While there is a slight delay on target acquisition, the Sniper can adjust its aim to match your own aim on the target.


  • The turret can be used as a distraction, allowing the owner to flee or open up a flank for their squad.
  • Depending on the mod used, the turret can provide considerable utility and versatility. The Active Sensor mod improves upon the baseline turret and provides an alternative to Pulse, while the Dragonbreath and Zapper mods can serve as alternatives to incendiary grenades and shock grenades, respectively, supplementing the usage of grenades and providing crucial crowd control. In all cases, the turret shines as a means of sustained area control and an alternate angle for damage.
  • The turret takes a bit of investment to become a threat unto itself, but it can be worth it. Initially, it starts off weak, but with a few performance mods and an investment in Electronics and Skill Power, the turret can become a serious nuisance.
  • The turret's tiny hitbox makes it a difficult target for an enemy player to hit with weapons fire. For best results, placing the turret at high elevation or with friendly turrets will reduce the likelihood of it being destroyed.
  • Tanks will always try to disable the turret if they can reach it. Sacrificing the turret can be a good move if your group needs to take a breather. If a player has Scorched Earth unlocked and disables their turret before the heavy destroys it, the explosion will still detonate and deal extra damage.
  • The turret, like other deployables, cannot be destroyed while in mid-flight as part of a remote deployment. Shooting at it in the air has no effect.
  • The Zapper mod is a great way to hinder even the toughest enemies, as the Shock status effect will paralyze anyone and render them temporarily defenseless. However, the potency of its crowd control is offset by its fragility and high cooldown, so it might be a good idea to increase your Threat, so that it won't get targeted by enemy fire.
  • Active Sensor is an irreplaceable tool for controlling the battlefield. Even without the pulse effect, its great range allows it to detect, track and shoot enemies for considerable damage over a wide area.
  • The Dragonbreath is an extremely powerful mod, since it deals significant damage and can slow down groups of enemies by setting them on fire. However, it has the shortest range of any Turret mod, limiting its safe use.
  • The Dragonbreath Turret is the FireCrest Gear Set's best friend.
  • Rogue First Wave Agents can hack player's turrets to used against them. However, if the turret is near the Rouge Agent after it was hacked, the player can still detonate it and damage all nearby enemies.



Turret mod - Not present in final version of the game.

  • The Ballistic Turret uses P90 magazines, shooting 5.7x28mm rounds.
  • The Flame Turrets uses Napalm Canisters and gaseous propellant.
  • The Shock Turret uses electric stun bolts.
  • The Active Sensor mod has a Laser Sight mod installed