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Underbarrel modifications come in long and small variants. Weapons with a large underbarrel slot can fit a small underbarrel mod. But weapons with a small underbarrel cannot accept a large underbarrel mod.

Variants Edit

Large Underbarrel Edit

  • Handstop - No Color, Coyote, Wolf Grey

Small Underbarrel Edit

  • Angled Grip - No Color, Red
  • PEQ-15 Laser - Red, Green, Orange
  • Small Grip - No Color, Red
  • Small Laser Pointer
  • Vertical Grip - No Color, Coyote Tan, Foliage Green, OD Green, Wolf Grey

Attributes Edit

The number of attributes an underbarrel modification supplies is based on the rarity of the modification. A standard rarity underbarrel modification will have 1 major attribute, while a specialized rarity version will have 2.

Major Edit

  • Accuracy
  • Initial Bullet Stability
  • Hip Fire Stability
  • Horizontal Stability
  • Stability