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New Underground Missions. Endless Replayability. Randomly generated Urban Dungeons.
- Tom Clancy's The Division Underground Launch Trailer

The Underground is the first paid content expansion added to Tom Clancy's The Division, introduced in patch 1.3. With a Player VS Environment (PvE) focus, Division agents are recruited to explore the sprawling network of tunnels underneath Manhattan in what amounts to randomized, procedurally-generated dungeons. Players can set multiple different modifiers on an Underground operation to make the run more difficult but net them greater rewards as a result.

Setting up an Operation

All Underground-related content is accessed in the Tactical Operations Center, hidden underneath the Terminal and away from the public. The Underground Operation can be set at the Operations Panel. Here the player can configure the Operation for them to take. First, the player can select the difficulty level the Operation will be from either Normal, Hard, Challenging, or Heroic. Next the player will select how many Phases of the Underground Operations will have. The Phases are basically a mission put together into one Operation. Having more than one phase will increase the player rewards. Normal difficulty can not have multi-phase operations, while Heroic Operations can not have single-phase operations.

Finally, the player will select the Directives to apply in the Operation. The Directives affect the gameplay aspects, but will increase the player rewards. Up to 5 directives can be applied in an Operation. Directives require Directive Intel, which can be obtained from Underground Daily Missions and Named Enemy drops.


Ops Panel.png

Directives are gameplay modifiers that provide a buff to the players, but also have a drawback to provide balance.

Electro Tech

"New electro-tech gives the player vastly reduced cool-down on skills, however a side effect of this experimental technology causes disruption to other electrical systems while a skill is active."

Pro: Vastly reduces skills cooldown.

Con: Dirsupts electrical HUD systems (that is, the players HUD is nearly completely disabled).


Directive Intel: 2

Underground Rank: 5

Difficulty Rewards Added
Normal 74 Exp; 6 Phoenix Credits
Hard 111 Exp; 13 Phoenix Credits
Challenging 148 Exp; 16 Phoenix Credits

Adrenal Healing

"Agents are granted a constant boost, restoring their health, however the extra intake means less frequent use is available for all active healing abilities."

Pro: Agents are constantly healed.

Con: Increases cooldowns on all healing abilities.


Directive Intel: 2

Underground Rank: 10

Difficulty Rewards Added
Normal 74 Exp; 6 Phoenix Credits
Hard 111 Exp; 13 Phoenix Credits
Challenging 148 Exp, 16 Phoenix Credits

Kinetic Armor

"Experimental new gear that increases Agents armor as they increase their movement speed. Armor protection is significantly reduced when static."

Pro: Armor increased when moving.

Con: Armor decreased when static.


Directive Intel: 3

Underground Rank: 15

Difficulty Rewards Added


"Experimental tech that gives all weapons extra stability when firing down the sights; however due to weight of this tech Agents have decreased ammo capacity"

Pro: Extra stability when firing while ADS.

Con: Decreased ammo capacity. (Capacity reduced to ~ 1/3)


Directive Intel: 3

Underground Rank: 25

Difficulty Rewards Added

Shock Ammo

"Specially designed magazines allow for permanent shock bullets, but with constant fire this can cause it to be unusable for a short time and potentially shock the agent."

Pro: Permanent shock bullets.

Con: Overuse can shock the agent. 


Directive Intel: 5

Underground Rank: 30

Difficulty Rewards Added


Each time an Operation is selected, the layout and objective of the Underground changes, resulting in a new mission each time. In each mission the final wave of enemies will feature a Named Enemy Boss.

Surgical Strike

Locate and eliminate a High-Value Target and 2 of their lieutenants.

Critical Infrastructure

Clear and protect 3 power generators from hostile forces. With each generator, enemy waves will increase. At the final generator, players must hold the area until JTF forces arrive and clear the area.

Missing Patrol

Locate and assist JTF patrols from hostiles. The third patrol the player finds requires the player to protect the officer in charge.

Recovering the Report

Find and recover a JTF officer carrying an Intel Report. Players must eliminate 2 groups of hostiles and locate GPS Data to find the Officer. Upon entering the third area and clearing it, a key will drop and the player can free the JTF officer. Afterwards, a final 3 waves of enemies will assault the player's position. The JTF officer can be killed in this section without Operation Failure, and the report can be picked up from his body after the fight. 

Supply Depot

Find and destroy 3 supply crates control by hostiles. Upon reaching the room with the supply crate, players will have 4 minutes, 3 minutes, and 2 minutes to destroy the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd crates, respectively. 

Target of Opportunity 

Find and eliminate a High-Value Target. Players will have 20 minutes to reach the final area and engage the boss. The operation will fail if the player ran out of time.

Possible Hunter Encounters

At any time during any Underground Op, Hunters have a chance of appearing. These encounters are similar to the encounters in other game modes. Reward for killing them is 4 items.

  • NOTE: All Hunters must be killed for reward to be dropped.


During the player's mission, the player may encounter one of two kinds of intel; Audio Journals or Urbex photos. The Urbex (Urban Explorer) pictures display areas an urban explorer visited in his adventure in the Underground.
The Audio Journals feature a civilian, a Riker, a Rioter, a Cleaner, an LMB soldier, and the Rogue First Wave Division Agent responsible for the events prior to discovering the happenings of the underground.


Upon completing a phase of the Underground, players will receive a loot crate. Loot crates can also be found throughout the mission, and also guaranteed to be dropped from Named Enemies.

Activities in the Underground will gain Underground XP, which will level up the players Underground Rank. Ranking up will gain access to Multi-Phase Operations and Directives. Each Rank up will reward an Underground Cache, containing 2 High-end or Gear Set items.

Reaching Rank 40 will reward you with the Banshee's Shadow Vanity Set, and unlock Underground Proficiency.

XP earned after Rank 40 goes towards earning said Proficiency.


In the Underground the player will come across certain hazards; these can range from simple puzzles and traps (i.e. a loose electrical wire that will shock the player if they come in contact, a gas pipe blowing out fire, etc.) to rigged rooms (i.e. Alarm Zones or Steam Filled Rooms) to booby traps set up by enemies (i.e. IED and Blinder Traps)

Active Gas Pipes

Gas pipes that are opened and are shooting out a flame that is blocking the player's destination.

  • The player can simply either go around the flame via another room or turn a valve that closes the gas pipe.

Active Electrical Currents

Loose or cut wires that are flinging around and active, making the area around said wire dangerous, and can shock the player if it gets too close.

  • The player can either press a button on a circuit breaker to shut it down or shoot a red circuit breaker on the wall to knock the wire out.

Steam Filled Rooms

"Visibility reduced." - ISAC

In some areas of the Underground the player will enter a room that is filled with steam, which reduces the player's line of sight, and since being in an area like this is technically considered a Status Effect, the player can not access their inventory.

  • While this has no active effect like the other Status Effects (i.e. bleeding, on fire) it is tolerable but should fighting occur in this area the player can find a breaker switch to activate vent fans in the area, getting rid of the steam, thus getting rid of the status effect and restoring the player's line of sight to normal.

Alarm Zones

"Alarm Detected." - ISAC

Some areas are rigged with alarms, black and red boxes and sound a siren when activated by an enemy in the area. Should the alarm sound, killing the enemies in the area will result in additional hostiles coming to the scene; some enemies stop respawning after two or three waves, while others spawn more than that.

  • The player can shoot an alarm until it gets knocked off, or they can simply walk up to it and turn it off manually.

Jamming Devices

"Jamming Device Active" - ISAC

Enemies can set up Jamming Devices, which apply Disrupt; this prevents the player from using their skills, except their Signature Skills.

  • The player must simply destroy the Device and the status effect will be immediately removed; however, in specific situations (i.e. engineers in the area or the threat of Hunters are about) the Jamming Device can work in the player's favor.


IEDs are traps that are not only common in the Underground but also the main game. They make slow beeping sounds when their standby but when someone walks near them, the beeping gets faster until it goes off. There are several kinds of them, each made by a specific faction: the Lethal traps (the Riker bombs), Tactical (LMB Shockers) and a combo of both (Cleaner Fire/Gas Bomb)

  • The player can shoot the traps to set them off.
  • If the player looks closely, they can see what faction made what IED.

Blinder Traps

Unlike the IEDs, these Traps are exclusive to the Underground. They are completely silent, and can easily blend in on darker maps and visibly-poor areas. When activated, they flash a bright light quickly, making the player Blind-Deaf.

  • Like the IEDs, the player needs to shoot them to set them off.
  • If the player triggers one and gets Blind-Deaf, the game will show them a reminder that they got caught in this trap, and they should keep an eye out for more, so they and their fellow agents don't get caught in one.