You should think about getting in on this thing. I'll be seeing ya.
- Aaron Keener's last words to the Player in his message.

Unknown Signal is the last story mission in Tom Clancy's The Division.

After receiving a message from Faye Lau congratulating the player about how they were able to take down not only the Last Man Battalion, but also the Rikers and the Cleaners, along with establishing some law and order on the streets of Manhattan, ISAC will receive a signal which will identify it as Shade Tech. Once this happens, the player's GPS will automatically be mapped to its location, which is a ECHO beacon located in a small apartment block in the Chelsea district (if the Player has the Canine Unit unlocked already, the ECHO will already be revealed but will not be accessible until this point in time), at least 50 meters away from Camp Hudson.

Once arriving, the player will enter the apartment block and make their way into a nearly empty room with only a small Hazmat tent with lab gear set up, a whiteboard, work bench and a small fridge with the entire room having tarps taped to them and the windows boarded up. Also located in the room is a body in Hazmat gear. Once the player activates the ECHO, it will reveal that it's not a past event in the crisis but rather a message left by Rogue First Wave Division agent Aaron Keener with the body on the floor revealed to be suspected Bioterrorist Gordon Amherst himself now deceased, apparently by coming into contact with the Green Poison - his own creation.

At first, it shows Aaron sitting in the Hazmat tent, but then shows him moving towards the whiteboard with notes attached to it (with the ECHO showing a few are missing), then to Gordon's laptop and notebooks (again, a few items are missing), then to the fridge where, according to the ECHO, had a 3D DNA biological printer and some viral samples being taken by Aaron and placed into a duffel bag. During these scenes, Aaron is addressing the Player about what had happened in the Dark Zone, and the Joint Task Force's decision to pull out, which lead to Aaron turning on the Division. Aaron also points out how apparently the player acts when they are on a mission and when Faye Lau is issuing orders and how the player would act differently when they are 'off the leash' - either in Free Roam or out in the Dark Zone, pointing out that it is an 'interesting contradiction' before saying that he believes that the Player does indeed understands what the situation is now due to what happened on Black Friday and the ongoing aftermath as a result. He also states that he had planned to invite the Player into joining his plans and his small unit of rogue agents, pointing out that he normally would do this in person but stating that he wasn't 100% certain whether the player would listen to him or engage him (hence the ECHO), but then taunts the Player about how they have sworn an oath of loyalty to the government and a duty as a Division agent which leads him to tell the player what he believes - that 'your conscience is fucking you'. He then states that he intends to continue on Amherst's work by making a new, and possibly, more deadly virus due to him having Amherst's gear, samples and notes and Vitaly Tchernenko to help him (potentially by force) achieve this. Throughout the message, if the player looks at Aaron, the info attached to him will show what it has been with all other ECHOs that he appears in (Status: AWOL, Occupation: Division Agent, File Compromised), but then it will change to reveal that he is now a disavowed agent and was working alongside Colonel Charles Bliss and the LMB.

The Last ECHO 'pop-up' that appears shows Aaron about to leave through the door the player came in, with the duffel bag and also leaves a final message stating that the Player might want to start thinking about siding with him before saying his farewell to the player. By this time, the Info attach to Aaron reveals that he is now wanted for high treason, indicating that the government is now fully aware of Aaron's activities and intentions.

Upon seeing all the ECHO, the player will be rewarded with Virus Progress Report 5, which is Amherst's own views on the Green Poison.

Message Transcript Edit

First 'Pop-Up':

"Well, here I am. Aaron Keener. The First Wave's prodigal son. Normally I'd do this face to face, but I'm not 100% sure which way you'll jump. You act one way when Miss Lau is watching and another way entirely when you are off the leash. That's an interesting contradiction."

Second 'Pop-Up':

"You see, I think that deep down, you get it. All the old rules, laws, governments. Those things died on Black Friday, but the feral PMCs, the convicts, the ones smart enough and good enough to take what they need, they'll survive. Me? I'm gonna prosper."

Third 'Pop-Up':

"Oh you could too, but you took an oath right? You've got a duty. Those are both ways of saying that your conscience is fucking you. You ask yourself 'Whose earned the right to tell you what to do?' You know how many Agents died to hold the Dark Zone, just for the brass to give up and put a wall around it? You don't believe me? You should check the place out for yourself."

Fourth 'Pop-Up':

"But the people you're working for are irrelevant now. Amherst changed how the game is played and I've got the vision to win. I've got Tchernenko, I've got a DNA Printer and a very interesting recipe book. I'm gonna write my own rules."

Final 'Pop-Up':

"You should think about getting in on this thing. I'll be seeing ya."

End of Message.

Trivia Edit

  • Seeing as how the room is set up, it is highly believed that the Green Poison virus was created and manufactured in the same location as the ECHO.
  • Once the Player access the ECHO for the first time, they will be able to access it at any time. However, should the player either join a different player's session or log out, then this room will be barricaded off hereafter and will not be accessible unless the Player creates a new agent. However, should the player join a different session, and they haven't accessed the ECHO, then you can return to see the message.
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