Attention Wikia users.

As you might tell from the title, I am discussing about the uses of Navboxes.

Currently, we have 2 navboxes: Weapons and Gearsets. Both of these can link to other pages on the wikia in the same category. However, we would need to input the code to insert it.

Inserting Code

To insert a specific code, you can use Source editing to check if it works. If it's highlighted in yellow, it is view as a source of code. 

To insert a Navbox code, you would type out the code to insert the Navbox.

(Remember to remove the spaces)

{ { Nav/Weapons }} would bring out the Weapons navbox


{ { Nav/Gearsets }} would bring Gearsets Gearsets:

​{ { Nav/Exotic Items }} would bring the Exotic items

So, when you see a weapon/gearset page without a Navbox, go ahead and insert it. 

Let's keep making The Division Wikia better,


The Division Wikia Contributor

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