All right, this is going to be a major topic for this community, and some responses are welcome.


This Wikia has currently over 300 users who has contributed to the site since it was created. 5 of those were Admins who maintained the site with new information.

However, as of now, our Admins are currently inactive for more than 4 months, and it doesn't seems like this is going to change. 

The plan now

What we can do is send a request to adopt the wikia as a new Admin. I can submit the request, and with that, can help improve the wikia more than what a standard contributor can do.


The requirements to adopt the wikia is to:

  1. Have inactive Admins for more than 60 days 
  2. Be an active editor
  3. Not have any blocks on other wikias or haven't request an adoption on another site.
  4. Keep the community maintained as well as news and media.

My request

The requirements have been met, but I need to ask the other active users on what we need to do. We do have multiple editors active, so I need to discuss this idea to you, the community. 

Should we have a new admin to help maintain The Division Wiki?

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