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The Valkyria Weapon Set, also known as the Twin Valkyries, is an Exotic Weapon Gear Set that was added into The Division as of Patch 1.6. Prior to 1.6, the Valkyrie was a single named High-End weapon. Patch 1.6 reworked the weapon into a two-weapon set.

The Valkyria is comprised of two weapons, both submachine guns:

Each Exotic weapon is capable of being used independently - they are functionally High-End weapons on their own - but the two-piece set bonus the weapons share only activates if both weapons are equipped at the same time, similar to any other armor Gear Set.

Set Bonus: Valkyria

  • Each hit with Hildr increases critical hit damage by 1% to a maximum of 30%. This bonus decreases 1% per second. This bonus applies only to Eir.
  • Hildr cannot crit.

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