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The Vector .45 ACP is a Submachine Gun appearing in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Real World Weapon

The Kriss Vector submachine gun was developed by Transformational Defense Industries (TDI). Its name comes from Indonesian sword or large knife. Production of this weapon commenced in 2009. At some point the company became known as Kriss USA and the weapon was rebranded as Vector.

It is a delayed-blowback operated, selective fire weapon, which fires from the closed bolt. The Kriss Vector is chambered for .45 ACP ammunition. It is also available chambered in .40 S&W and 9x19 mm Parabellum. The Kriss Vector uses a patented operating system, which reduces recoil and muzzle climb. It absorbs and redirects the recoil force downwards, thus improving overall weapon control. Developers claim that this submachine gun generates 60% less felt recoil and 95% less muzzle climb than contemporary designs. The Kriss can be fired single-handedly with adequate accuracy. This SMG has an effective range of about 100 meters. Weapon can be easily field-stripped just with removal of two push-pins.


For a submachine gun it has decent range and stability. It has a relatively low base magazine size compared to other weapons. Note that the Tactical variant has 20 rounds, while the standard and First Wave variants have 25.


  • Vector 45 ACP
  • Tactical Vector 45 ACP
  • First Wave Vector 45 ACP


  • The Vector has a high end variant that may be crafted using the high end blueprint obtained from the phoenix credits vendor in the players Base of Operations.
  • One of the players uses a suppressed TDI Vector during the E3 demo.
  • In the Beta, the Vector lacks the stock and the foregrip (Tactical Variant).
  • The player can unlock a blueprint for the specialized Tactical Vector .45 ACP by completing the side mission "Clinton Food Supplies" in the Clinton area.


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