Now, this city needs a hero. And - and - and I will give them that hero. I - I have always known that it was my destiny to - to someday be Manhattan's last defender of - of truth and - and justice, and now... now my time has come. It is time for me to - to - to don my mask and my cape and go forth into the streets and - and - and to punish the wicked and - and - defend the innocent!

It took the dollar flu, the - the so-called Green Poison to trigger my latent powers. But [laughs] I became indestructible. I threw myself off rooftops and I did not fall! I had become the living symbol of this city, and I have sworn to protect it. Rikers, the - the LMB, the strange men with the flamethrowers - I fought them all... in the name of justice.

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