Virus Research is a type of Encounter mission.

Virus Research requires the player to enter a contaminated area, so appropriate virus protection is mandatory. The mission is timed, with the timer starting when the first scanner is activated. It can help to scout the area to identify the other scanners (usually 2 or 3) before activating the first one, as this may help the player avoid wasting time searching.

After all of the virus scanners are activated, the player must find the laptop to transmit the virus data back to base. Again this section is timed (starting from when all the virus scanners are activated).

If the section is not completed in the allotted time, the player will have to start again from the beginning, although any enemies killed will stay dead. The enemies around are mostly Cleaners.


  • Instead of starting the first scanner, it's recommended that the player scouts ahead and finds the remaining scanners to save time.
  • While scouting, players should pick up all the loot along the way, along with eliminating the enemies that guard the final objective and loot crate at the end. That way it's a straight shot from scanners to the laptop.
  • On some of these encounters, there is a rope, scaffolding, fire exit stairs, etc. at the end of these so players don't have to run all the way back. Keep an eye out for it while scouting.
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