Vitaly Tchernenko is a Russian Virologist who was in New York during the outbreak of Green Poison and was an acquaintance of Dr. Gordon Amherst and Dr. Jessica Kandel. He is the only known virologist that can create a vaccine for the Green Poison virus.


The last child of a large family (six siblings), Vitaly always felt overwhelmed in his loud, boisterous home. He retreated into reading and schoolwork rather than play with his older brothers and sisters, and while his parents were loving, they never quite knew what to do with the one quiet, bookish cuckoo in their nest.

Studious and devoted to his schoolwork, Vitaly scored a coveted scholarship to study in Moscow. None of his siblings had left Novosibirsk for school or work, and so this became a great adventure for his family - one he just as soon would not have been a part of. While he enjoyed his studies in Moscow, he knew he was destined to return home afterwards. Fortunately, his return to Novosibirsk had professional impetus - one of the most important virus research centers in the world.

He met Amherst while the latter was doing an exchange year at Vector. The two, despite disparate political views, hit if off personally. Tchernenko didn't mind Amherst explaining things to him, and Amherst liked having someone who could handle the technical side of things he found boring. While they worked together directly for only a year, they remained in contact, as each is probably the closest thing to a friend the other has.

Tchernenko was in New York to give a talk at a conference at Sinai Hospital when Green Poison hit. He quickly took refuge in the Russian Consulate, where he was accorded semispecial treatment based on his status. However, when it came time for Russian personnel to evacuate, his soft-spoken nature lead to him being overlooked. In the mad scramble, he was overlooked and by the time anyone noticed he'd been left behind, it was too late.


Tchernenko is not wildly ambitious, but feels passionately about progressing science. He is a hard worker and solid researcher; however, he doesn't always understand the ethical consequences of his actions.

Events of Tom Clancy's The Division & Tom Clancy's The Division 2

He was staying at the Russian Consulate until he was kidnapped by the Rogue First Wave Division agent Hornet and the Last Man Battalion. After Aaron Keener left the LMB, Keener sent his fellow rogue agents, Raptor and Domino, to stall the Second Wave Division agents and JTF forces in the U.N. building in order for them to evade and escape with Tchernenko.

During his captivity, Tchernenko was forced to engineer a more lethal Green Poison and a device to spread them faster. Fearing for his life, Tchernenko complied. In the end, he successfully invented them using Amherst's notes and resources retrieved by Keener, which was later used by Keener on the attack of The Division Base of Operations in New York City.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2: Episode 3

After Keener is done with him, he was handed over to the Black Tusk. Knowing Keener's reputation and fearing this is some kind of trap set by him, the Black Tusk Commander of New York, Dolores Jones, ordered her men to put Tchernenko in a containment chamber. Knowing Tchernenko has resurfaced, Division command in Washington, D.C. sent Division agents to retrieve Tchernenko so that he can help them to create a vaccine for the Green Poison virus.

Tchernenko was rescued and extracted to Washington, D.C. by a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter and was brought in for further questioning.


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