Let it all burn.
- Vivian Conley

Vivian Conley credited as Uranus by Jupiter was a former First Wave Division Agent who is a part of Aaron Keener's squadron of Rogue Division Agents in Warlords of New York of Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Profile Edit

A former counter-terrorism Intelligence agent and chemical engineer. She abandoned her mission, went rogue and joined Aaron Keener as one of his top four operatives and lieutenants.

Conley was last seen in the Two Bridges sector.

Biography Edit

Vivian Conley comes from a chemical engineering background and was recruited by The Division both as a field agent and a technology developer. Psychological evaluations describe her as a dedicated idealist but also highlights her tendencies on fixation and obsession.

Conley was marked as rogue after abandoning her mission and joining the Cleaners. Further investigations suggest she has gained a rank within the organization, and that she effectively the acting leader of the Cleaners as of the former leader Joe Ferro's death.

 Episode 3 - Coney Island Edit

Disheartened by losing her family to the Green Poison, she turned rogue and joined the Cleaners, as well as affiliated herself with Rogue agent Aaron Keener. She helped the remaining cleaners upgrade their utilities and weapons and eventually become their leader. During a deal between Keener and the Black Tusk, a Russian scientist named Vitaly Tcherneko was handed over by Keener to the Black Tusk.

Intending to betray the Black Tusk the whole time, Keener tells Conley to bring her Cleaners to kill all the Black Tusk on Coney Island and get to Tchernenko, so she and the Cleaners can have their revenge since Tchernenko helped create the Green Poison. Conley then ordered her Cleaners to assault the Black Tusk and any threats on the island. The Cleaners then engaged the Black Tusk forces on the island and eliminated most of them.

Unbeknownst to her and the Cleaners, a squad of Division agents had already extracted Tchernenko, and would decimate the remaining Black Tusk forces as well as the Cleaners on the island.

 Events prior to Tom Clancy's The Division 2's Warlords of New York Edit

Vivian Conley became a person of interest in SHD recruiters as a potential agent candidate. Her resume as a chemical engineer and a Counter-Terrorism agent was impressive. One recruiter argued that Conley's obsessive personality may be a problem at the field. However, the recruiters finally decided to give her a go ahead due to her talents.

After the outbreak of Green Poison, Conley was activated as a First Wave Agent, her job was to secure the quarantine zone in Midtown Manhattan. Soon, the Joint Task Force requested a pull out of the zone. Conley with the other Division agents struggled in containing the situation. Eventually, many Division agents were killed in the quarantine zone, Conley and the other Division agents were forced to retreat. The quarantine zone would later become the Dark Zone.

Conley couldn't make it out of the Dark Zone in time, and was trapped inside. In the meantime, she found out her family succumbed to Green Poison. Losing herself, Conley did whatever it takes to survive the Dark Zone, and eventually became a rogue agent. Sometime later, two Cleaners was scouting the Dark Zone and cleansing it, they found Conley alive and trapped under barracks.

Conley came to and showed the two Cleaners her smartwatch. The two Cleaners recognize her as one of the rogue agents, they then took her weapon and lead her to Joe Ferro. After meeting with Ferro, Conley joined the Cleaners, and used her expertise to make the Cleaners deadlier and more powerful. After Joe Ferro's death, Conley successfully reorganized the Cleaners, and became their leader.

Conley and her Cleaners later moved downtown after suffering heavy casualties at Midtown. She was later contacted by fellow Rogue Division agent Aaron Keener, who offered her partnership. At first, Conley rejected, due to the Cleaners distrust of outsiders. But when Keener offered her the location of Tchernenko, she accepted the deal due to her lust for vengeance.

Keener would later recruit fellow Rogue Division agent Javier Kajika. Keener then asked Conley to let Kajika to work with the Cleaners, she refused at first. But then Keener told her Kajika could help her to eliminate the only barrier between the Cleaners and their goal: the JTF. Conley reluctantly agreed.

Conley was told by her Cleaners that their supplies of fuel were running low, she then told them there is an abandoned cargo ship on the shore of Lower Manhattan, and made preparations to take over the ship, and use it as a refinery.

 Tom Clancy's The Division 2's Warlords of New York Edit

Conley was asked by Keener to set up his charges at the exact locations that Parnell suggested, while Dragov, Kajika and Parnell took out the JTF guards. The attack was successful. Agent Alani Kelso, along with another Division agent in Washington, D.C. traveled to New York City to heed the call for help, ironically the latter agent is the same one that undermined her operation to kill Vitaly Tchernenko on Coney Island. The agent stormed the City Hall, and through the security, found out whose responsible.

Using limited Intel, the agent went to the Two Bridges sector to find intel on Conley by the words of the Peacekeepers. Through them, the agent found out the Cleaners are assaulting an apartment building. The agent traveled there, and through intercepted comm, they found out that Conley was in the rooftop. However, when the agent reached the rooftop, Conley was already gone. After eliminating the Cleaners' presence at the rooftop, the agent discovered an ECHO, and through it, they found out Conley has headed to the abandoned cargo ship.

After eliminating all the Cleaners' presence at the apartment building, the agent went to the abandoned cargo ship. They then undermined her refinery to lure her out, eventually the two met at the top deck of the ship. Conley sent her Cleaners to kill the agent, but was unsuccessful, and the agent reversed gas pipes to Conley's observation deck, and flushed her out of there. They then shot Conley multiple times. As she laid down in defeat, she made a last act of defiance by setting off explosives in her body, leaving nothing but her smartwatch. The agent then picked up her watch and gave it to Faye Lau for further investigation on Keener's location.

Abilities Edit

Being a former Chemical Engineer herself she upgraded the equipment and utilities of the Cleaners.

She uses a Firestarter Sticky Bomb as her skill and is armed with a customized Carbine 7 with a SPAS-12 shotgun at close-range.

Trivia Edit

  • Conley wears her hazmat mask at all times, which a nod to her being the leader of the Cleaners.


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