WarrenGate Power Plant is the fourth Main Tech Mission in Tom Clancy's The Division.


  • Secure the Area
  • Enter the Power Plant
  • Investigate the Power Plant
  • Secure the Area
  • Locate the Explosives
  • Disarm the explosives
  • Locate the Secondary Explosives
  • Disarm the Explosives
  • Locate the Safety Values
  • Secure the Area
  • Operate the Safety Valves [0/3]
  • Secure the Area
  • Operate the Main Valve
  • Secure the Control Room
  • Stabilize Power Plant operations


Enter the gate and you'll see two Enforcers and a Slinger with a JTF Soldier. Beyond that is a Hitman up on the scaffolding right. Later, a wave comprising of a Runner, a Slinger, and an Enforcer will spawn. Continue ahead and enter the power plant; ignore the exploding truck in your way. Head down the hallway, through a couple of rooms and enter the inner sections of the power plant.

Open the gate and you'll find two Enforcers. Turn right and continue into the boiler room and you'll find a group of Enforcers and a Slinger above the catwalks. Open the door in the station terminal and go through. An elite Guard will come down. Continue into the next boiler room and you'll find a group of Enforcers. There are two ways up to the next floor; either of them will spawn a Slinger and an Enforcer. Continue up and you'll find three Enforcers. Then interact with the explosive case to disarm it. Now locate the second round of explosives. Open the door and head into and you'll find a Slinger and a veteran enforcer at the bottom, and an elite Hitman across above. Followed up after that is a wave of two Enforcers. Get to the blue boilers and turn off the explosives case.

The Rikers will then initiate the power plant's self-destruct sequence. You have 12 minutes to find the safety valves and secure the area. Head above the catwalks and into the pipe room. On your way will be a Runner and an Enforcer. Inside the pipe room will be Enforcers, a Slinger, and a veteran Hitman. Neutralize them and operate the safety valves around the room. Beware, each value turned on will spawn a wave of Rikers . After activating all the three safety valves, neutralize the remaining Rikers and activate the Main pressure valve. This will stop the countdown.

Open the door and head into the next area where're control Rome is, three Enforcers and Runner are standing guard. After that, veteran Slingers and Enforcers will spawn. Then more Enforcers, a Runner, and an elite Enforcer will spawn. Lastly, an elite Boss named Keller will come into the room by himself. This Boss, however, is no ordinary Boss. He shoots explosive bullets witch increase damage. So be in cover at all times. After taking him down, get into the control room and interact with the control room to stabilize the power plant. (please note that more enemies will spawn if you play missions on harder difficulties)


  • On your way after entering through the power plant's entrance is a cabinet to your left after the first hallway.
  • In a makeshift bedding room is a grenade case.
  • In a makeshift bedding room is a Standard gear.
  • In the room where the elite Guard is encountered is a Standard gear.
  • In the control room, there is a Specialized gear.


  • An abundance of Gas Pipes can be found all around here. They're distinguishable by their red tanks with red rights. You can shoot them to release a stream of fire that can inflict Burn to enemies in front of it. Useful for stopping flanking Enforcers and Runners.
    • Their explosion when they expire does not do any damage.
  • Be aware that Slingers and Hitmans are the only Rikers enemies who will keep their distance. Ensure you close in on them as soon as you mitigate the amount of Enforcers to save some time.
  • If you are able to take down all the waves of enemies in the pressure release room, you'll be able to operate the Main Valve with no additional threat even if time runs out.


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