Water Supply is a type of Encounter mission where the player will have to enter the sewers and attack a group of Cleaners, who have resorted to turning off the area's water supply because they claim "The JTF are putting out our fires faster than we can start them."

The objective is to clear the area of Cleaners and reactivate the water pump, along with fending off between 3-5 waves of Cleaners in the average groups of Sweepers, Fumigators, and Shields, while attempting to stabilize the pressure of the pumps through various valves.


Medical 60 Medical Wing Supplies


  • Cleaners will have 3 sides to come from, usually based on where the player is standing, they'll come from the 2 sides furthest from the agents. They will emerge from both the ground floor doors and upper platforms, so keep an eye out and find proper cover.
  • It is recommended to stay on the upper platforms, that way the player will have an equal advantage over the Cleaners when it comes to taking cover.
  • It is ideal to eliminate the current wave of Cleaners before the player attempts to restore the pressure on the current valve. Players will be given plenty of time to do so, so there isn't a reason to be worried about failing (unless the players gear doesn't match the current level).
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