List of weapon talents updated to version 1.8, linked pages are outdated and refer to older versions. The required FA (firearm), ST (stamina) and EL (electronics) are for the highest level weapons in the game, lower level weapons require lower values. Some talents are automatically rolled in the 3rd free slot of some weapons. The "Restricted" column lists the types of weapons, or occasionally the only weapon, which it can be equipped. The 3rd column lists any weapon which automatically receives the talent in the free slot.

Icon Name Description Restricted 3rd FA ST EL
latest?cb=20180226133427 Accurate Accuracy is increased by 25% 3832
latest?cb=20180226133839 Adept Using a skill increases your critical hit chance by 7.5% for 15 seconds 3832 3832
latest?cb=20180226133852 Ambusher Increase your damage by 10% against targets in cover SMG UMP 2874
latest?cb=20180226133904 Balanced Weapon acquires maximum accuracy faster when shouldered MR 3832 2874
latest?cb=20180226133919 Brutal Headshot damage is increased by 12% when using this weapon 4790
latest?cb=20180226134004 Capable Using a skill improves the handling of your weapon for 15 seconds 4790
latest?cb=20180226134022 Commanding Every kill performed while a signature skill is active extends its duration by 20% 3832 3832
latest?cb=20180226134042 Competent Weapon damage is increased by 10% for 15 seconds after using a skill 2874 3832
latest?cb=20180226134054 Coolheaded Performing a headshot reduces all skill cooldowns by 5% SA, MR 3832 3832
latest?cb=20180226134109 Deadly Critical hit damage is increased by 15% 3832
latest?cb=20180226134742 Destructive Armor destruction value is increased by 15% when using this weapon 3832 3832
latest?cb=20180226134753 Determined Killing a target reduces skill cooldowns by 7.5% 3832 4790
latest?cb=20180226134804 Disciplined Killing a target make your next shot with the weapon be an automatic critical hit MR SVD 3832
latest?cb=20180226134814 Dominant Every kill performed while your signature skill is active reduces the cooldown of your other skills by 10% 3832 3832
latest?cb=20180226134824 Elevated Increases your damage by 10% when elevated more than 1.2 meters above your target MR M700
latest?cb=20180226135032 Expert The weapon deals 100% more damage when the target is below 30% health SA
latest?cb=20180226135106 Ferocious Damage against elite and named enemies is increased by 10% 3832 3832 3832
latest?cb=20180226134914 Fierce Critical hit chance is increased by %5 when using this weapon 4790 3832
latest?cb=20180226134928 Focused When no skills are on cooldown, your weapon damage is increased by 10% AR G36 3832 3832
latest?cb=20180226134953 Harmful Each hit has a 15% chance to apply the 'bleed' status effect SA, MR 2874
latest?cb=20180226135606 Hurried Critical hits increase reload speed by 10% to a minimum of 1 second reload time SMG PP-19 3832
latest?cb=20180226135617 Intense The first bullet of a magazine has a 25% chance to apply the 'on fire' status effect to the target SA, AR, MR 2874 4790
latest?cb=20180226135631 Meticulous Killing a target has a 25% chance to instantly refill the magazine 2874 3832 2874
latest?cb=20180226135644 Predatory Killing a target regenerates 35% health over 20 seconds 2874 4790 2874
latest?cb=20180226135655 Prepared Damage is increased by 10% when more than 30 meters from target AR, LMG, MR 4790
latest?cb=20180226135707 Proficient The first bullet shot when out of combat has a 50% chance to result in a critical hit SA, MR 4790
latest?cb=20180226135719 Responsive Damage is increased by 10% when closer than 10 meters to the target SA, AR, SG, SMG 4790 2874
latest?cb=20180226135730 Self-Preserved Critical hits with this weapon heal the user for 3% of damage dealt AR, LMG, SG, SMG 2874 3832
latest?cb=20180226135741 Skilled Headshot kills with this weapon increase Signature Skill resources by 6% SA, AR, LMG, MR, SMG 3832 4790
latest?cb=20180226135755 Sustained Killing a target increases your health by 6% SA, AR, LMG, MR, SMG 2874 3832
latest?cb=20180226140116 Swift Reloading is 25% faster SA, AR, LMG, SG, SMG 3832 3832
latest?cb=20180226140126 Talented Killing a target with this weapon increases skill power by 15% for 20 seconds 2874 4790
latest?cb=20180226140143 Toxic Headshots with this weapon have a 15% chance to apply the 'blind' status effect SA, MR 3832
latest?cb=20180226140157 Trained Critical hits increase signature skill resource by 0.10% SA, MR, SG 2874 3832
latest?cb=20180226140215 Unforgiving Missing health segments increase your damage: 1 missing segment + 10%: 2 missing segments +25% SA, AR, LMG, SG, SMG 3832 4790
latest?cb=20180226140232 Vicious Critical hit chance is increased by 10% while having more than two segments of health 3832 4790
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