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In Tom Clancy's The Division 2players have access to a wide variety of weapons to use. They are divided up into 6 categories, including the new Rifles category found only in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Players have access to 3 weapons; 2 primaries and a secondary sidearm.

Weapons Types

There are several types of weapon to be found in Washington, D.C., and each weapon type can have several variations within their own category (for example: Semi-Automatic Marksman Rifles v. Bolt-Action Marksman Rifles)

Signature Weapons for Endgame (Specializations)

Upon reaching level 30, agents unlock Specializations. These provide the agent with a structure to make a build upon. Each specialization also comes with a unique weapon that the agent may use, as well as an additional slot to hold that weapon.

Named Weapons

Main article: Named Weapons

Named Weapons are variants of already existing weapon types. What makes them unique is that they have a "perfect" version of a talent or a certain attribute that is higher than what would normally be possible. They are also given a name, which appears in a gold-yellow color.

Exotic Weapons


This time around, your grenades will be connected to your specialization, which aren't unlocked until level 30. During levels 1 - 29, the Concussion grenade will be the only one available to you.

At level 30, there will be several additional types of grenades available, each tied to a specialization:

Whenever you switch specialization, you will also switch grenade type. This means that you will never have, for example, a Flashbang and an Incendiary grenade at the same time. However, the Concussion grenade will always be available, no matter what specialization you use.

This makes sure that the grenades can be powerful and useful, without being such a large part of your arsenal, thereby invalidating a lot of other sources of damage. It also means that you will have a much clearer idea of the capabilities of each player in PVP and PVE, depending on how they've chosen their specialization. Not only will it help when facing enemies, it will also add more depth to the assembly of your own squad. Based on what activity you will be engaging with, be it raids, missions, or PVP – different grenade types might be more viable than others.[1]

Weapon Mods

Weapon Mods are attachments added to weapons that modify their performance. Usually, there are only positive affects, but some mods might have a minor negative effect too. WIP



Weapons in Tom Clancy's The Division 2
Assault Rifles
Chameleon  •  P416 (Eagle Bearer/Glory Daze)  •  PDR-C (Capacitor/Test Subject)
Police M4 (Pyromaniac)  •  FAMAS 2010 (Burn Out)  •  CTAR-21 (The Railspliter)
AUG A3-CQC (Invisible Hand/The Bighorn)  •  F2000 (Shield Splinterer)
ACR  •  AK-M (Manic)  •  FAL  •  Mk16  •  G36  •  Carbine 7  •  Honey Badger (Savage Wolverine)  •  SIG 556
LVOA-C/Lightweight M4 (Surge)  •  M1A (Baker's Dozen)  •  M16A2  •  Mk17 (Everlasting Gaze)  •  Ruthless/Merciless  •  USC.45 ACP
SIG 716 (Artist's Tool/The Ravenous)  •  Urban MDR  •  1886 (The Virginian/Diamondback)  •  ACR SS
 •  UIC15 MOD2  •  Resolute Mk47 (Harmony)
Light Machine Guns
L86 LSW (Tabula Rasa)  •  M60 (Good Times)  •  RPK-74 (New Reliable)  •  Stoner LAMG (Quiet Roar)
M249 B (Pestilence/Black Friday/The Stinger)  •  MG5 (Sleipner)
IMI Negev (Sleipner/Carnage/Bullet King)
Marksman Rifles
M44 (The White Death)  •  SRS (Pinprick/Mantis)  •  SVD (Commando)  •  M700 (Ekim's Long Stick)  •  SR-1 (Designated Hitter/Adrestia)
SOCOM Mk20 SSR (The Darkness)  •  Nemesis  •  G28  •  Tactical .308 (Scalpel)
Submachine Guns
MP7 (Swap Chain)  •  Vector (Dark Winter)  •  MPX (Backfire/Safety Distance/The Apartment)
P90 (The Chatterbox/Emeline's Guard)  •  CMMG Banshee (Lady Death/The Grudge)
M1928/Tommy Gun (The Sleigher)  •  PP-19 (Cold Relations)  •  T821  •  MP5  •  SMG-9  •  AUG-A3  •  UMP-45
Double Barrel Sawed Off (Backup Boomstick)  •  Double Barrel Shotgun (Boomstick)  •  M870 (Cuélebre)  •  SASG-12 (Tsunami)  •  Super 90 (Enforcer)
ACS-12 (Rock n' Roll)  •  SPAS-12 (Lullaby/Sweet Dreams)  •  KSG Shotgun (The Send-Off)  • Six12 (The Mop/Scorpio)
586 Magnum (Orbit/Regulus)  •  M1911 (Mozambique Special)  •  M9  •  PF45 (Lightning Rod)
93R (Sharpshooter 93R)  •  Diceros (Diceros Special)  •  D50 (Liberty/Survivalist D50)
P320 XCompact  •  Px4 Storm  •  X-45  •  Maxim 9  •  KARD (TDI "Kard" Custom)
Signature Weapons
Minigun  •  Crossbow  •  TAC-50 C Rifle  •  K8-JetStream Flamethrower
M32A1 Multi-shot Grenade Launcher  •  P-017 Missile Launcher

SHD Technology
Ballistic Shield  •  Chem Launcher  •  Crossbow  •  Decoy  •  Drone  •  Firefly  •  First Aid  •  Hive  •  Mobile Cover  •  Pulse  •  Turret
Seeker Mine  •  Shrapnel Trap  •  Signature Skills  •  Skills  •  Smart Cover  •  Sticky Bomb  •  Support Station
Survivor Link  •  Tactical Link  •  Recovery Link