West Side Pier (WSP) is a zone that was included in Update 1.8. It hosts the Skrimish and Resistance game modes. WSP is comprised of Piers North and Piers South. West Side Pier also contains a social space named Camp Clinton.

Overview of West Side Pier Edit

West Side Pier is a completely separate area from the map, as it is designed to be different than the rest of the game; unlike other areas, there are only the enemies and the agent. There are no civilians in WSP and no Joint Task Force (JTF) present in the area, except for the entrance near Camp Clinton.

In the area, all the enemy factions are friendly to each other and only hostile toward the agent, unlike areas outside of WSP, where enemy factions will fight each other on sight. Enemies will randomly spawn in WSP, constantly keeping the agents alert.

Game Modes Edit

Main Articles: Skirmish and Resistance

In WSP, two new game modes are available: Skirmish and Resistance

Skirmish Edit

Skirmish is a PvP mode where teams of 4 agents fight against each other. This mode is similar to the Dark Zone and Last Stand. During this mode, there are no NPCs, only the enemy agents.

Resistance Edit

Resistance is a horde mode, where agents have to fight off endless waves of enemies, each wave stronger than the last. After every 5 waves, a boss wave comes that requires killing the boss(es) before the time limit counts down. The bosses can be any of the final bosses fought on Campaign missions, in addition to a few unique bosses to Resistance. There are three available maps to do Resistance on.

  • Carrier
  • Pier 93
  • Powerhouse

Assignments Edit

After an agent enters WSP, they are given a randomly generated assignment. These assignments last for 15 minutes before being reset and another randomly generated assignment is given.

These assignments can be:

  • Get 50 Kills
  • Get 15 Kills from within 10 Meters
  • Get 15 Skill Kills
  • Get 15 Kills from Cover
  • Get 15 Headshot Kills
  • Get 15 Kills from beyond 50 meters
  • Get 15 Incendiary Kills (enemies that are on fire)

Alerts Edit

Main Article: Alerts

Just like Assignments, Alerts in WSP are randomly generated. However, they do not have time limits and can be played so long as the agent stays in WSP.

These tasks can be:

Completing these tasks can result in Experience Points, along with 1 High End Gear/Weapon and 3 Division Tech. In addition, Named Enemies and Courier Drones all have a chance for Exotic or Classified Gear Set drops.

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