World Brackets are a game mechanic inside The Division. Introduced in Update 1.4, this system allows the player to choose how strong the NPCs they face are. The player is limited to World Tier 3 until he/she gets a high enough Gear Score to unlock both World Tiers 4 and 5. The vendors in the game also adjust to the World Tier, as does the Scavenging box inside the Base of Operations.

Current World Tiers in The Division

Currently, there are 6 World Tiers, including tier 0.

Tier 0: This level is reserved for when a player at level 30 is in a group with the leader being under level 30. Levels dependent upon area and activity level, same as a 1-29 character level.

Tier 1: Fresh Level 30 character at 0 Gear Score. Enemies are level 30.

Tier 2: Gear score 182-203. Enemies are level 31.

Tier 3: Gear Score 204-228. Enemies are level 32.

Tier 4: Gear Score 229-256. Enemies are level 33.

Tier 5: Gear Score 256+. (Added in Update 1.8.) Enemies are level 34.


Revamped in Update 1.8: Resistance, loot drops from activities are now randomized based on the current World Tier. Players who wish to keep their gear exactly as is with bonuses can use the new Optimization Station to make it more powerful up to an extent.

In The Division 2

The Division 2 reuses the World Tier system. However, the mechanics involving getting into and out of a World Tier has changed. Now, once players complete the last Stronghold, they will automatically advance to the first World Tier, and will now see level 31 enemies. This also signals, due to story progression, Black Tusk invading the whole map. This ties into the progression a player makes in World Tiers. Each stronghold has 2 requirements to unlock them; a certain Gear Score, and completing Invaded Missions in the area near the stronghold. Once both are satisfied, the stronghold unlocks for the player to attempt. If the player successfully completes it, they will automatically advance to the next World Tier, where the enemies become one level stronger, but the Gear Score also increases to help players deal with the new tougher enemies. World Tier 4 was the highest available Tier, until Tidal Basin unlocked, and with it, World Tier 5.

  • World Tier 1 caps at 300 Gear Score.
  • World Tier 2 caps at 350 Gear Score.
  • World Tier 3 caps at 400 Gear Score.
  • World Tier 4 caps at 450 Gear Score.
  • World Tier 5 caps at 500 Gear Score.

It should be noted that currently there is no way to willingly switch between World Tiers. The only way players can go outside of their world tier is to join a player who is higher or lower on the tier system than they are.

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