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The X-45 is a Pistol added in Tom Clancy's The Division in the 1.3 Update: Underground.


The X-45 is a high capacity sidearm, and has a high rate of fire. It has the second fastest rate of fire (behind the 93R) among the sidearm category. As a pistol, it comes with the Expert weapon talent, and rolls with a second random talent.

The First Wave variant has an increased magazine size compared to the standard variant.

This pistol, due to it's exceptional fire rate and minimal recoil, is highly useful when paired with the Ballistic Shield, as it allows the player to put more rounds into a target without the need to compensate for recoil after every shot.


  • X-45
  • First Wave X-45



  • In Update 1.3, the X-45 has an increased damage roll, much more over other sidearms and even some primary weapons.
    • In Update 1.4, this damage has been reduced to balance it with the other sidearms.
  • The X-45 is based on the FN FNX series sidearm, specifically the FNX-45 chambered in .45 ACP.
    • First Wave X-45s are based on the FNX-45 Tactical in FDE with threaded barrel.