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這篇文章——國土戰略局,包含了尚未發布的階段,並即將會在 湯姆克蘭西:全境封鎖 中出現的內容,並且可能會受到遊戲最後階段的影響而被變更或移除。
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國土戰略局(Strategic Homeland Division ,簡稱SHD), ,也稱作"The Division",是出現在遊戲中,一個受過高度訓練的、層層分級的策略單位。國土戰略局的主要目標,是確保在緊急災變時延續政府。 There is a possibility their jurisdiction is worldwide as they are brought in when society falls. Released in waves, Division agents are activated when all other forms of public protection have failed.


Agents are hand-picked from various aspects of society. Commonly they have a background in military, law enforcement, intelligence community, rescue services or engineering. They are approached and recruited based on a set of criteria. Such recruitment can take a long time to make sure the candidate fits the profile and is suited for this type of job, and often, candidates are recommended by word of mouth from existing members. Once the Strategic Homeland Division has determined a candidate has adequately fulfilled requirements, candidates are offered to join.

After joining, members are trained by other top tier operatives. When candidates successfully complete their training, they return to their daily lives. A key component of the Division is that members exist in the "shadows" and function like a normal member of society. Their own families don't even know about their appointment to the agency.


  • Analytics: Handles information processing and data management from secured locations across the nation.
  • Strategic: Act as extra security and staff detail to government officials and leaders across the nation.
  • Tactical: Are the boots on the ground that handle field work.

Operational Capabilities

During peace time, SHD has it's members embedded within society all across the nation waiting and preparing for activation. The Division receives funding through secret transactions from Federal channels but without public oversight.

The Division is a last resort measure. As such, the members of the Division supersede any other operative, agent or federal employee in the field. They have a form of executive power and answer directly to the President of the United States.

The Division must ensure that the key infrastructures and people that remain are protected, They must investigate the cause of the emergency and monitor the situation as it unfolds, creating a shared picture for everyone to act on. Finally, they are mandated to engage any and all rising threats that hinder response efforts following the emergency. These three steps are the main objectives of the Division and the agents achieve them by any means necessary. This could mean collaborating with other agencies or taking direct actions by themselves with or without any support.


Division agents carry advanced gear and state of the art technology. Some of their gear and weapons must also be scavenged, bartered, earned, or received in special packs and kits. Some of their gear bears their agency logo.



  • Weapon Holsters
  • Gas Masks
  • Bandoliers
  • Go-Bag
  • Some Amount of Armor; May vary between civilian or military grade.
  • Light Armor
    • Kevlar Vests
    • Knee Pads


  • Guns
  • Hand Grenades and other Grenades

Advanced Technology

Division Agents Page Move

Players take the role of agents in the Strategic Homeland Division. Their main task is to save what's left of New York City. Because of the independent nature of these agents, and the Division being a self-supported tactical unit, they may attack other agents and go rogue or join up with other agents to accomplish their task.

Agents Gear

The smart watch links the Division agent to the Net, which connects all activated agents. The watch allows agents to coordinate their efforts and create a shared network for government agencies. The Go-Bag is the Division agent's life-line. The bag contains life saving supplies, gadgets and equipment, all crucial to the success of the agent's mission. The contact lens provide the Division agent with an augmented reality HUD, giving them easy and quick access to vital information such as key locations details, contamination level of certain areas and nearby missions.

The Strategic Homeland Division, or The Division for short, is a secret organization of agents embedded in society all over the United States. As part of Directive 51, the agents are activated to restore order and save what remains of New York City.