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"麥迪遜戰地醫院" 是《全境封鎖》中首個故事任務,亦是特工初到曼克頓的首個醫療任務,位於賓州廣場。此任務一般難度的最少建議等級為4。


After the failed attempt attack on the Base of Operations and the lieutenant, Poole is killed and surrounded by JTF soldiers and a Division agent, the leader of the rioters in Pennsylvania Plaza, Hutch and his rioters holding the Madison Field Hospital more defensive and Dr Kendall and her staff are forced to treat the wounded rioters and the agent must clear the hospital while the JTF soldiers outside can escort Dr Kendall and her staff.


暴徒已經攻佔麥迪遜廣場花園的戰地醫院,挾持災難緊急應變署人員作為人質並藏身其中,尋找並拯救 潔西卡·坎多博士及其他醫護人員。


The mission begins after JTF troops blow down the doors with explosives right in your face. They shout "Clear!" and then immediately detonate despite you standing within a foot of the explosion site.

You then enter the hospital and clear the lobby area of normal Rioter type mobs. There may also be one Rioter waiting at the top of the escalator. After this is clear, you patch Faye Lau in to assist you by viewing the security camera feed.

The next fight is in the indoor stadium, where many mobs spawn from the back of the room, including some veteran mobs. There are many medkits that can be looted around the room, so feel free to use them.

After this, you pass by a contaminated area (you don't have to go in it) and then there's a big fight in Koby's restaurant. Once this is cleared, you have Dr Kandel, but you can't safely extract the hospital staff as Rioters are firing at the helicopter on the roof.

Take the elevator up and walk through the rafters area, then there's a big fight on the roof. Mobs spawn from the back of the room, with the main boss sitting near the spawn point and blazing with his machine gun. There are reload boxes on the left and right side of the room, and plenty of safe firing spots around the rooftop, including some on top of buildings.

After the boss is dead, rappel down the elevator shaft and exit the hospital where you can return to base. You will pass the JTF troops who almost blew you up and did nothing to help fight the bad guys.


  1. 確保大廳安全
  2. 劉菲進入安全系統
  3. 救出坎多博士
  4. 保護坎多博士
  5. 確保屋頂安全






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