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M4 是一款在全境封鎖中出現的一種 突擊步槍





在金裝數字版出現的M4步槍是警察專用的。基本上,M4突擊步槍在遊戲中是一種標準武器。遊戲中警察使用的金裝數字版是一款量度武器作用的標準。在遊戲中,M4突擊步槍憑藉優秀的表現而被認為是一款優秀的步槍。 在不同的突擊步槍之中,雖然每發的傷害比較大,可是這個缺點被步槍的準繩度,可靠度以及其極高的射擊頻率補足。 With very little recoil drift considering the extreme rate of fire, the Police M4 is easy to aim and shoot. Agents may find themselves holding onto well rolled M4s for several levels throughout the levelling process, as they tend to have at least 10% higher overall dps than other assault rifles at the same level and quality. Police M4s with a high roll for bullet damage are among the highest dps per level weapons found in the game so far.


The difference in DPS combined with usability between a well rolled Police M4 and almost any other Assault rifle is significant. Add to that the fact that the recoil drift does not take you off target (as opposed to the AK47 which has a strong drift to the right), the high innate accuracy, and you have a weapon that is notably superior to its peers. Fully modding this rifle with good mods gives it an even larger advantage. Given this obvious innate 'OP'ness, it would not be surprising to see this rifle get a nerf in a future update. As things currently stand, it renders most other rifles irrelevant, especially in the early game.



  • 美國軍隊大量使用M4突擊步槍。
  • 在現實生活中,M4能夠於每分鐘內發射700-950發,而每個彈匣裝有三十發子彈。M4發射NATO標準的5.56mm子彈
  • The M4 is a shorter, more compact version of it's M16 cousin designed for close quarter combat.
  • The M4 can be fitted with various sights, scopes, grenade launchers, and other equipment depending on the mission.
  • The M4A1 has a selector switch for either single or fully automatic fire.